Small on the Outside. Big on the Inside

The C4L Skywriter is our compact, and easy to use system. Although small in size it offers a range of possibilities. Up to four Axis can be integrated, allowing it to process complex parts. Further options include a vision system and height sensor to detect the position of the workpiece. The Skywriter shouldn’t be judged by its size. It has proven its reliability in harsh conditions, running for 24/7. With a range of possible laser sources, the Skywriter is our compact, flexible solution for all Marking and Engraving processes.

Up to 100W
of Laserpower

System for Part

nano, pico & femto

Distance Measuring

Application Example

AIM: Structuring of PCD for Drilling heads

The PCD pieces are placed in a tray. Using the vision system of the Skywalker, the position of each piece is detected and the height is measured with the triangulation sensor. The laser ablation then begins, using a 50W ns Laser source, the ablation process results in a overall surface roughness of Ra 0.14. Once the process is completed the height is measured for quality control.