Class 4 Laser offers a range of working heads and optical components. We also offer custom made solutions for our customers upon request.

Working Heads

For cutting, drilling and welding purposes we offer the Class 4 Laser Lightsaber series, which comes in variety of configurations and can be fitted with multiple options. To maximise flexibility and productivity of you laser system, we developed the Class 4 Laser Outrider swivelling axis; the integration of a torque motor means that the Outrider combines high performance with precision and longevity. Additionally the Outrider offers the possibility to add beam manipulation elements and sensors, for example the  Class 4 Laser beam tube, or the piercing sensor for cutting and drilling applications.

Outrider Axis

The Class 4 Laser Outrider adds an additional axis to your system. With its torque rotary motor in combines dynamic movements with high precision. Furthermore the Outrider Axis can equipped with numerous options;  lighting, cameras, piercing sensors and other optical elements like the Class 4 Laser Beamtube beam expander can all be easily added.

C4L Enforcer- Fibre to direct beam adapter

With the C4L Enforcer, direct beam working heads can be connected to a modern fibre laser source. This provides an option to easily upgrade your existing system. In combination with the C4L Beamtube and other optical components, the C4L Enforcer can also be used for beam manipulation.

C4L Beamtube

The C4L  Beamtube is a 0.75- 4.0 X beam expander, designed specifically to cope with high average power laser sources. It can also be made available as an automated version.