With the starfighter OCT high precision in process measurements becomes a reality.

Using Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) technology the C4L Starfighter can not only measure at astonishing speeds with supreme accuracy, but the measurement beam can be combined with the laser process beam. This gives you the capability to measure directly on the the laser spot during the process, resulting in a reduction of process time and new possibilities.


70 kHz


3rd Party

70 000 measurement
points each second

Less than ten microns
of x-y resolution

The Starfighter Data can be imported into 3rd Party Applications

It’s fast…. really fast

With a measuring frequency of 70kHz the C4L Starfighter can measure large areas with a high density of measuring points. Combined with an X-Y resolution of >10um and a z reputability of 1 um, the C4L Starfighter is the ultimate tool for 3D laser micro applications. The consequence of all this power is that the C4L Starfighter has shifted the horizon for laser processes. The collected data can be used to compensate and correct for variation in previous manufacturing processes, improving the overall yield of the manufacturing line.

Application Example: Ablation of PDC Plates

Aim:   Concentricity of PCD guidance plates on a shaft.

Due to the soldering process used to fix the plates to the shaft, the exact position of the plates is not defined. Furthermore the shape of the blades can vary as a result of the soldering. The OCT is used to generate a 3D model of each plate. A comparison of the the 3D model with the CAD Model is made and a laser program for each individual plate is calculated. The result are concentrical plates which each have an individual shape.

Application Example: Scanning of Turbine blades

Aim: Drilling of Turbine Blades and Holes Reopening

Due to the high variety in the manufacturing process of Turbine Blades, the exact position of the blade is undefined. In order to Laser Drill the cooling holes in the right positions the C4L Starfighter scans the blade and matches its actual position with the CAD file in order to obtain a best fit. This allows the system to position the holes at the exact location.

For refurbished blades the starfighter is used to detect the holes which have been blocked by the thermal barrier coating. This is done by scanning the surface of the blades and detecting the small dimples left in the surface by the blocked holes. Once the position has been identified, the holes are reopened with a laser.

Scan Blade