The Class 4 Laser laboratory is equipped with a wide range of laser systems; from ultrafast femtosecond lasers for the most delicate applications, to long pulse fiber lasers (up to 60J) to handle high power application such as for aerospace drilling. From a manually operated welding system to a 6 axis semi-automated system; we can work your parts from every side.

At Class 4 Lasers we work in close collaboration with local universities and research institutions so that in addition to the wide range of lasers we have available at our own facility we can widen our sight to lasers at partner facilities.

Class 4 Laser is also involved in several collaborative EU supported research and development projects, this enables Class 4 Lasers to be placed at the cutting edge of  science and technological development and means we can offer innovation focused solutions for our customers.

Our experienced team will accompany you at each step of the development of your application. Get in touch ! 

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