Class 4 Laser can offer you a very large choice of laser technologies all sourced from one single contact point. So while you can have the freedom and flexibility to integrate any laser sources, control unit or axes system, you will be spared the trouble of dealing with multiple companies for servicing as we take care of the service requirements for all our systems, no mater which laser is integrated.

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Because we believe you should be able to focus on your business and not on searching for those responsible for the servicing of your system, we offer a full and convenient servicing for all of our systems. As a Class 4 Laser customer you can expect us to be your single point of contact for the maintenance and servicing of your system, no matter which laser or axis system is integrated. We can offer you a specific service contract to garantee you the shortest down time in your production.

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We take responsibility for the training and the education of your staff in regards to using laser machines and equipment (incl. CAD, post processing, laser basics, laser resonators, interaction of material and laser, laser processing, laser alignment). We offer courses for a wide range of experience levels; starting from operator and going up to laser expert level. We can adapt the trainings to your dedicated requirements in German, French or English.