A Turbine Drilling System from another Universe

The C4L Yavin was designed with turbine blade drilling in mind. Using modern fibre Laser technologies  the Yavin packs the punch needed to process large turbine blades. The innovative smart sensor technologies integrated into the Yavin means it combines power with control.

New Blade Drilling and Refurbishment in a Single System

With its two separate processing heads, the Yavin can drill and shape turbine blades in one machine.  This increases accuracy and process stability. Both stations feature full 5 Axis synchronised processing, given the Yavin a total of 9 Axis. Furthermore the integration of the  C4L Starfighter 3D Scanning system means that the Yavin is capable of detecting the blocked holes of refurbished turbine blades and of re-opening them through laser ablation.

Total of 9 Axis
on two Workstations

3D High performance
Scanning System

Power and Controll

With new smart sensor technology; the Yavin combines power and control. The piercing sensor inside the C4L Outrider cutting head means the Yavin is capable to adjust to the variation of wall thickness of turbine. As soon as the laser beam pierces through the first wall, it is detected by the sensor initiating the cutting process. Depending on the piercing time, the cutting speed is of the Outrider Working head is adjusted, minimising back wall strikes. The second working head uses the C4L Starfighter 3D Scanner to scan the surface of the blade. With this data the software generates a best fit between the actual blade and the CAD model ensuring the optimal position of the cooling holes. A similar process is applied for the reopening of recoated blades. By scanning the surface of the blade, the blocked holes can be localised and reopened using the same processing head.

6 Axis best fit
positional correction

Integrated piercing Sensor
avoiding back wall damage

Application Example: Turbine cooling hole drilling

Aim: Drilling of Turbine Blades and Holes Reopening

Due to the high variety in the manufacturing process of Turbine Blades the exact positioning of cooling holes in turbine blades can be undefined. In order to Laser Drill the cooling holes in the right positions, the C4L Starfighter scans the blade and matches its actual position with the CAD file in order to obtain a best fit. This allows the system to position the holes at the exact location.

For refurbished blades the starfighter is used to detect the holes which have been blocked by the thermal barrier coating. This is done by scanning the surface of the blades and detecting the small dimples left in the surface by the blocked holes. Once the position has been identified, the holes are reopened with a laser.

Scan Blade
Download the specification sheet HERE