Lets talk about Microns

The C4L Tatooine is the System of choice when comes to fast and ultrafast Laser processing. The design makes it the perfect combination of a lightweight system and exceptional precision.

The Tatooine comes with up to fives Axis, which can be configured in different sizes and arrangements. Further options like automation for loading and unloading units and vision systems modules can be added to the system.

With Optional


Optional Vision

Femto, Pico, Nano

High Performance 3D Scanning

The Tatooine can be equipped with C4L’s latest version of the C4L Starfighter 3D Scanning System. Measuring  a staggering 70 000 points a second, with a repeatability of less than a micron, the C4L Starfighter leads the way for realtime measurement systems and opens new possibilities in piece by piece individual laser processing. By measuring directly on the laser spot, the process itself can be adjusted to obtain the optimum result for each individual work piece. This allows to compensate for previous variations in the manufacturing process. Learn more about the Starfighter 

70 000 Measurements
per second

Less than one μm

Realtime 3D

Application Example

Aim:   Stamping Tools with a total dimensional accuracy of 2μm

Before ablating the carbide with the ultrafast laser, the surface of the plate was scanned using the C4L Starfighter, to adjust for the orientation of the plate. In a next step the software calculates the corresponding laser programs and starts the Laser ablation process.

2,5D structuration of metal
Download the specification sheet HERE