Class 4 laser integrates all brands of laser dedicated to micro applications, from femtosecond laser to CW fiber or solid state laser in our systems in order to garantee that the choice of a specific laser source is only motivated by the application and customer required solution.

Fibre Lasers suitable for Lamp Pumped Laser replacement

Our fibre lasers are designed with usability in mind. The unique controller improves usability and ads features like ramping and pulse shaping capabilities to the laser source.

With the X50-X51 Interface we offer Plug and Play capabilities for the replacement of lamp pumped lasers, making an upgrade seamless. In combination with our optical adapter, the C4L Enforcer, there is no need to exchange the processing head. This reduces the investment and downtime to a minimum.


Ultrafast lasers and other sources

C4L has tested and integrated numerous ultra fast laser sources from a variety of different suppliers. This gives us unique opportunity to offer insight on the pros and cons of very specialised laser sources. Our aim is always to offer our customers the best laser source available for their process. Get in touch…