Your system of choice for all rotary parts

With its large vertical rotary axis, the Kamino is your system of choice to process large rotary parts. The vertical set up reduces the lateral force within the work piece to a minimum, allowing for high precision processes. Equipped with a Visions System or the C4L Starfighter 3D Scanner, the Kamino can handle all types of demanding situations.Through its modular set up it can be used for marking and 3D structuring as well as welding. Equipped with a loading and unloading unit the C4L Kamino can be fully integrated into your manufacturing line.

With Optional

for rotary parts

3D Measurement

High Performance 3D Scanning

The Kamino can be equipped with Class 4 Laser’s latest version of the C4L Starfighter 3D Scanning System. Measuring  a staggering 70 000 points a second, with a repeatability of less than a micron, the Starfighter leads the way for realtime measurement systems and opens new possibilities in piece by piece individual laser processing. By measuring directly on the laser spot, the process itself can be adjusted to obtain the optimum result for each individual work piece. This allows to compensate for previous variations in the manufacturing process. Learn more about the Starfighter 

70 000 Measurements
per second

Less than one μm

Realtime 3D

Application Example: Ablation of PDC Plates

Aim:   Concentricity of PCD guidance plates on a shaft.

Due to the soldering process used to fix the plates to the shaft, the exact position of the plates is not defined. Further the shape of the blades can vary as a result of the soldering, The OCT is used to generate a 3D model of each plate. Comparing the 3D model with the CAD Model a laser program for each individual plate is calculated and the laser process is started. The result are concentrical plates which each have an individual shape.