Laser drilling is an exciting and challenging process that enables drilling features and qualities that have been previously only imaginable.1:150 aspect ratio drillings, adjustable drilling angle and several hundreds of drillings per second without mechanical constraints are some of the numerous advantages of laser drilling. For cutting purposes a very wide range of material can be processed including metals, crystals, and ceramics.

Thickness (mm): up to 20 mm

Shape tolerance: nominaly 5%, and down to 5μm (according to process)

Controled taper: on demand

Drillings applications

Laser drilling applications are very diversified and present in very different fields, from medical devices to aerospace. here are some examples of current applications. Come and talk with us about yours !

Drilling of turbine blades

In order to guarantee a effective cooling of the blade during the extreme thermal cycles that these part endure, reliable drilling and hole shaping process is of paramount importance.

Drilling of Fuel filters

Fuel filters can contain between 3,000 and 50,000 holes with a standard diameter of 50μm. In order to drill such filters at a pace that conforms to automotive standards fiber lasers provide the high quality  and drilling at a pace up to 600 holes/s

Class 4 Laser offers the possibility of Process Development, small or large scale production and manufacturing of complete systems for your applications. Contact us !