Thanks to the ability to tightly control the region of deposited energy; Laser micro-cutting enables cutting complex geometries into a wide range of material: metals, sapphire, ceramics, glass, mother-of-pearl, and stones.

Several methods of laser micro-cutting exist in order to obtain the optimal result for each specific application. High speed thermal cutting thanks to high quality fibre laser, very fine cutting for sensitive materials with ultrashort pulse laser are part of the solutions that we offer, both for our subcontracting services or our laser systems. Flexibility, absence of mechanical stress, controlled taper, precision and speed are some of laser cutting advantages.

Thickness (mm): up to 12 mm (according to material)

Shape tolerance: down to 1μm

Surface finishing: on demand according to materials.

Cutting applications

Some Laser sources such as pulsed fiber laser can cut a very large range of material, as saphire, metals or ceramics. Other material such as organic materials required specific sources such as CO2 or femtosecond lasers.

Cutting of diamonds

Cutting of polycrystalline, and single crystal diamond for the tooling and the oil & gas industry. Cracks sensitivity, associated to very small shapes and tight tolerances are some of the challenges that the Laser copes.

Cutting of saphire 

Cutting process of mother-of-pearl and saphire for the watch industry. According to the thickness (up to 6 mm), the speed requirement or the desired surface quality, different Laser sources – available at Class 4 Laser can be used.

Class 4 Laser offers the possibility of Process Development, small or large scale production and manufacturing of complete systems for you application. Contact us !