Icon Cutting

Laser micro-cutting enables, thanks to a tight control of the deposed energy, to cut complex geometries into a wide range of material: metals, ceramics, glass, mother-of-pearl, stones…

Icon Driling

Laser drilling enables drilling features and qualities that one could barely imagine.1:150 aspect ratio drillings, adjustable drilling angle and several hundreds of drillings per second.

Icon Welding

We weld sophisticated alloys (copper, aluminum, titanium alloys, high alloy steels, Nickel-based superalloys). We are specialised in repair welding, for instance repair of turbine blades or molds.

3D Structuring

Class 4 Laser performs 2D & 3D marking of high quality: black marking for asthetical or functionnal purposes, decoration or inside glass graving, structuring, with a wide panels of lasers.

cutting of watch quantum
drilling of turbine blade
repair welding
Structuration of diamond